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VOIPGATEWAY launches VoIP service for enterprises in Europe


VOIPGATEWAY offers enterprises with VoIP-enabled telephone systems cheap VoIP-connections and guarantees low call tariffs

Internet telephony connections of VOIPGATEWAY can be used with all VoIP-enabled telephone systems. Existing analogue or ISDN-connections remain unchanged. The use of the telephone system and terminals can be continued, too.  Therefore, telephone systems and terminals can continue to be used without any change. „We found it particularly important to ensure that the VoIP connections are both reliable and easily extensible and that the VoIP service provides an excellent voice quality“, explains Michael Vontobel, CEO of Backbone Solutions. And thanks to the low tariffs of VOIPGATEWAY, the customer can save an average of 50% of its usual cost of calls.

A VoIP-connection of VOIPGATEWAY is available starting at 9.50 € per month. The prospective customer can register at no charge on and test the VoIP service for 3 months for free. Enterprises with VOIPGATEWAY have the advantage to keep the landline and nevertheless make cheap phone calls via Internet.


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