The business VoIP connection for your telephone system.

Tariff Conditions

All details concerning the calculation of VOIPGATEWAY telephone calls are listed below. The settled phone conversations can be accessed from the personal user account at any time.

  • Free 24/7 telephone calls within the VOIPGATEWAY network.
  • Flat rate regardless of daytime or weekday (no regular or low rate tariff).
  • All calls liable to cost are charged at minute fees i.e. every commenced minute is charged as a whole minute. 
  • All calls liable to cost are charged at a connection establishment fee of 1 cent.
  • We do not support phone calls to special service and business phone numbers (shared cost). However, the telephone system can be configured so that Sharedcost-numbers are routed over the landline.
  • All calls liable to cost are debited from your VOIPGATEWAY current account. 
  • The tariff data are to be considered VAT-exempt (firm location Switzerland).


  • The telephony will be charged on a prepaid level. 
  • The subscription fees for the PBX connect connection will be invoiced in advance for the first year (plus € 50 installation costs and € 50 talk credit). This bill must necessarily be paid by bank transfer. Payments by credit card will only be activated after this transaction.
  • To be able to make phone calls liable to cost, the VOIPGATEWAY account must have the corresponding credit balance.
  • You can quickly and easily make payments by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD) or by bank transfer.
  • Vouchers can be invoiced directly in the user account.


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